The first thought that jumps to mind is that this was the site of "ten-million-to-one" surfing waves seen in the 1966 surf/travel documentary, The Endless Summer. The town boasts a beautiful canal system surrounded by picturesque homes in a uniform building style – black thatched roofs and white walls. Towards Santareme and Port St Francis, the uniformity is repeated, this time with Mediterranean and Tuscan homes filling in the dune fields and fynbos.

The unique and exclusive St Francis Bay draws holiday makers and visitors from all over the world to enjoy the glorious beaches lapped by the warm Indian Ocean. The sportsman can enjoy over 50 different sporting codes, which includes various water sports, two world class golf courses and two glass backed double squash courts. A leisurely lifestyle in the magical beauty of natural and unspoilt surroundings.

The canal system offers residents and holiday makers an exotic marina lifestyle. If fishing off your own jetty, swimming or exploring the canals with a canoe or SUP is not enough, the canals are linked to the Kromme River, navigable for 10km, where more fishing, boating, paddling, kite and windsurfing, waterskiing can be enjoyed and jetskis have access to the ocean through the Kromme River Mouth.

Whales can be spotted in the Bay from May to late October and dolphins can be seen daily on their way back and forth between the bays of Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay. The Cape clawless otter is also ever present, frolicking in the waves and rock pools around Port St Francis and at Otters Landing. Bird life is abundant with over 200 species recorded in the area including the rare African oystercatcher and fish eagle.

Port St Francis includes a commercial and recreational harbour, built to host the squid industry freezing vessels, as well as a small harbour resort village. It lies in a sheltered nook of the bay and provides a safe anchorage for the boats, pleasure craft, and oceangoing yachts. St Francis Field is an airpark close to the Port that caters for those who wish to fly in.

The gentle sloping beach stretches for kilometres all along the curve of the land between the estuary and the Granny’s Pool, from where Bruce’s Beauties, world famous surfing spot, lies. 

St Francis Bay is the business centre of the greater St Francis and boasts two shopping centres and an industrial area, mainly for the building and boat building trade.

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