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Nr 40 Nomvula And Quilters 600 380

Nomvula’s Knitters and The Quilt Studio

Nomvula’s Knitters is a community-based and upliftment project that has gone from strength to strength. They create beautiful, soft, comfortable products, stitched together with love and excitement, and are sold all over the world! The knitters range in age from their mid-twenties to seventy years old and are mostly women, all supporting families, or extended families. The project was spearheaded by Frances Becker, and now functions as a trust.

C ‘n Sew Quilt Shop was started by Antoinette Kriel in December 2004 to fulfill a need for the growing number of quilters living and visiting the village. Having been a quilter for 12 years at the time, the focus was to get a variety of good quality products at reasonable prices and the shop was started in a small room in her house. Eight years later she expanded and moved into a converted house, with a larger shop, a spacious studio and a view over the St Francis Golf Course.

C ’n Sew Quilt Shop celebrated its 10th anniversary in December 2014, and hosts an annual quilters camp in May. Local quilters are members of the Dias Quilters Guild in Port Elizabeth, and the local Kouga Quilters Guild respectively, which serves the quilters from Cape St Francis, St Francis Bay, Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay and surrounding areas.

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