Welcome to St Francis

To many the first thought that jumps to mind when they hear about St Francis is the perfect wave showcased in the iconic surf movie, The Endless Summer - 1969.  Today Bruce's Beauties is only one of the famous surfing spots in St Francis Bay, as Seals is the place to be for the surfers from Cape St Francis.  The quiet fishing haven of Oyster Bay lies some 20km to the west, while the agricultural capital of the region, Humansdorp, is visible to the north.

Today St Francis is famous for far more than just surfing, it boasts a beautiful canal system surrounded by picturesque homes in a uniform building style – black roofs and white walls. Towards Santareme and Port St Francis, the uniformity is repeated, this time with Mediterranean and Tuscan homes filling in the dune fields and fynbos.  Cape St Francis is known as keeping it clean and green, where you will find the century old Seal Point Lighthouse amongst the fynbos and wild waves.  Oyster Bay is home to ancient fish traps, but you will have to ask a local where to find it. 

St Francis Tourism is hosting two popular events that you will not want to miss out on. Find out all about the annual Calamari Festival and the monthly St Francis Market by navigating to them under 'Our Events' tab above. 

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